Start your PlanktoScope

Step 1 : Plug your PlanktoScope

Step 1.1 : Make sure to congratule yourself !

Congratulation you've assembled your PlanktoScope and you'd like to start using it. Make sure to start without sample at first and just test all the functionalities of the machine via the dashboard.

Step 1.2 : Locate the different important ports

Locate the female USB-C connector (1) of the Raspberry power port, the female connector SMA (2) of the GPS and the female Jack Barrel connector (3) of the stepper power supply.

Step 1.3 : Plug the GPS

Plug the GPS Antenna into the female connector SMA.

Step 1.4 : Plug the driver power

Connect your 5V-12V converter into the female Jack Barrel connector. Make sure to use an USB wall charger power supply 5V 1A.

Step 1.5 : Plug your Raspberry Pi

Plug the USB-C connector into the Raspberry Pi (5.1V - 3A)

Step 2 : Be patient for the first boot while check for new WiFi appearing

Step 2.1 : Pay attention to the green light

The LEDs of the fan HAT should turn green.

If you don't see any light from you fan HAT, you should get in touch with us via the Slack. 

Step 2.2 : Pay attention to the LED

The illumination LED should turn ON for a few seconds then OFF.

If you don't see the illumination LED turned on, there is a chance that something is going on. Feel free to contact us on Slack !

Step 3 : Connect to the WiFi

A Wifi should appear after about 1 minute for the first boot and less than that next time. 

Your PlanktoScope will create an unique SSID which allows you to have multiple machines running at the same time.

WiFi information :

SSID : PlanktoScope-Machine_Name

Password : copepode

Step 4 : Get to the GUI

Once connected to the Wifi, open any browser and get to this website : 

This is the Node-RED Dashboard that we've designed to utilize the PlanktoScope. 

You can explore the back-end of this GUI by getting to this address : 

We highly recommend you to learn the flow-based development tool. More info here !

Step 5 : Learn more on the documentation