Get your kit

STEP 1 : Make sure you have the proper tools

The components of the PlanktoScope are available from many vendors, online and otherwise. You will need a few tools, but the construction is straightforward and should take a few hours to complete. We have detailed guides on the website for both hardware and software assembly. The PlanktoScope community is also here to help in any way we can.

Soldering station with flux, or flux core solder, will be used to make a few electrical connections

Any tap wrench compatible with the M12x0.5 tap will work

A M12x0.5 tap will be used to secure the objective and tube lenses

A screwdriver kit with multiple drivers will make many of the operations straightforward

Here is a suggestion of links to order the appropriate tools :

Parts List and Tools List

STEP 2 : Find all the needed parts


Raspberry Pi 4 B (4GB)

The single board computer from Raspberry Pi with 4GB of memory

Adafruit Stepper Motor HAT

This module controls 3 steppers : 2 for the focus and 1 for the pump stepper motors. The terminal blocks should be included.

Adafruit Ultimate GPS HAT

This module stores the date & time as well as logs GPS coordinates

Yahboom Cooling Fan HAT

This module cools and enables visual feedback for functions with LEDs. Another model won't work.

Hammer Header Male 2x20

Only one of it will be needed

Stacking Header 2x20

Only one of it will be needed

Pitch IDC Sockets 2x20

Only two of them will be needed

GPIO Ribbon IDC 40P

Only 10 cm will be needed

Flex Cable for Pi Camera

A small flex cable is included along with the Pi Camera. However, a longer one is needed.

DC Power Jack Socket

Only per unit is needed

GPS Active Antenna

Make sure the uPF to SMA adapter is included

Micro HDMI Cable

This optional cable can be used for development purpose

Power Supply 3A (USB)

To power the Raspberry Pi

Needs to provide 3A 5V

Power Supply 1A (USB)

To power the Stepper HAT

Needs to provide 1A 5V - not more !

USB Type-C to USB-A 2.0

To power the Raspberry Pi

USB 5v to DC 12v Step Up

Make sure this USB 5V / DC 12V step up converter limits the current at 0.8A

Stepper Motor Peristaltic Pump

This pump can be replaced by others depending on its availabilities

Linear Stepper Motor

Make sure to select two linear steppers per unit

MicroSD Card + Adapter

The minimum size is 32GB but can go up to 512GB

Heat sink kit for Raspberry Pi

Only one per unit is needed


µ-Slide I Luer Variety Pack

Make sure to select :
Uncoated: #1.5 polymer coverslip, hydrophobic, sterilized

HSW 24ml Syringe

A regular Luer Lock 24ml syringe

ÜberStrainer Set 3

This optional set includes 2 inline-filters of 100 µm, 200 µm, 300 µm, 400 µm and 500 µm.

Silicone Tubing ID 1.6mm

Ideally a biocompatible silicone tubing

Luer Lock Connector Female 1.6 mm

Connects the Syringes/Tube and the Pump/Tube

Luer Connector Male 1.6 mm

Connects the µ-Slide I Luer/Tube


LED white 5mm

Intensity : 17 000 mcd

Forward Voltage : 3.5V

Current : 20mA

Beam Angle : 15°

Arducam M12 Lens Kit

This kit includes 10 M12 Lenses to cover almost any angles of view you’ll ever need, 10°/20°/40°/60°/80°/100°/120°/140°/160°/200° respectively on a 1/4” Pi Camera

M12 Lens 25mm IR 1/2" 5MP

Additional essential 25mm M12 lens

Pi Camera V2.1

Modern PiCamera which could be replace by the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera


M2.5 Standoff Assortment Kit

6mm and 15mm standoffs

M2 M3 Screw Assortment Kit

M2x8mm and M3x12mm screws and M3 nuts

CR1220 Battery

CR1220 battery that will be placed in the Adafruit Ultimate GPS HAT

Magnets 6 x 2 mm

Neodynium magnets are used to connect functional layers

Remember to get help if you can't find all the components via the proposed links by joining our Slack.

Find them all directly bellow

Parts List and Tools List

STEP 3 : Machine your structure

In order to complete your kit, you'll need to obtain the structure of the PlanktoScope. This structure can be machine from a sheet thanks to laser cutting or CNC machining. The structure can be machine locally around you in a FabLab or via a company able to realize laser cutting or CNC machining. The price will depend on the material you'd like to use and if you need a machine via a company or not.

Suggested materials

Transparent acrylic

  • Easy to machine : 5/5

  • Robustness : 1/5

  • Water resistance : 5/5

  • Price : 2/5

  • Recyclable : 0/5

Ideal for seeing internal electronic

Black acrylic

  • Easy to machine : 5/5

  • Robustness : 2/5

  • Water resistance : 5/5

  • Price : 3/5

  • Recyclable : 0/5

Ideal for removing surrounded light

Marine Plywood

  • Machining : 4/5

  • Robustness : 4/5

  • Water resistance : 4/5

  • Price : 4/5

  • Recyclable : 1/5

Ideal for deploying at sea

Basic Plywood

  • Machining : 3/5

  • Robustness : 2/5

  • Water resistance : 2/5

  • Price : 1/5

  • Recyclable : 2/5

Ideal for cheap prototyping

HDF Forescolor

  • Machining : 5/5

  • Robustness : 4/5

  • Water resistance : 3/5

  • Price : 3/5

  • Recyclable : 5/5

Ideal for feeling good about recycling

PP waste, 100% recycled

  • Machining : ?/5

  • Robustness : ?/5

  • Water resistance : ?/5

  • Price : 4/5

  • Recyclable : 5/5

Ideal for feeling good about recycling


  • Machining : 5/5

  • Robustness : 5/5

  • Water resistance : 5/5

  • Price : 5/5

  • Recyclable : 5/5

Ideal for a robust professional set up

More to come

  • Machining : ?/5

  • Robustness : ?/5

  • Water resistance : ?/5

  • Price : ?/5

  • Recyclable : ?/5

Feel free to suggest us a material !

Get the plan and machine it