Assemble the kit

STEP 1 : Flash your SD card

Before the assembly, you need to spend some time with your MicroSD.

The MicroSD card included in the kit requires a special version of the Raspbian operating system that includes some extra PlanktoScope software.

  1. Download the latest .img file from our platform.

  2. Use an adapter to connect your MicroSD card to your computer.

  3. Use a program such as Etcher to flash the .img.gz file onto your MicroSD card. (Etcher is free and works on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.)

Flashing the system image onto the card can take a several minutes. So while that’s going, start assembling the kit.

Join our Slack if you need help on some of the assembly steps.

STEP 2 : Assemble your kit

Once you have all the components of a PlanktoScope, it is possible to assemble a working unit in a few hours, depending on familiarity with electronics and build experience. With patience and help from the community however, we are confident users can be collecting data soon after receiving the required parts.

You can find a step-by-step assembly guide here. You can use the images below as supplementary material to guide you if needed.

Assembly Guide from CAD images


Assembly Guide from real pictures


Join our Slack if you need help on some of the assembly steps.