Replicate your PlanktoScope

1. Get your kit

The components of the PlanktoScope are available from many vendors, online and otherwise. You will need a few tools, but the construction is straightforward and should take a few hours to complete. We have detailed guides on the website for both hardware and software assembly. The PlanktoScope community is also here to help in any way we can.

2. Assemble your kit

Once you have all the components of a PlanktoScope, it is possible to assemble a working unit in a few hours, depending on familiarity with electronics and build experience. With patience and help from the community however, we are confident users can be collecting data soon after receiving the required parts.

3. Start your PlanktoScope

The moment your PlanktoScope is assembled, learn how to power it properly, check on the visual LEDs, connect to its WiFi and reach the GUI.